Delivery. .We send all our products with PostNord and GLS. You will receive a tracking number if you choose package and not letter, where you can follow you package with the automatic delivered e-mail from each service provider.  Rolf & Lazarus is unable to compensate for goods lost in transit if they are sent by letter. Your package will be delivered to the address you registered when placing the order. If you are not at the address at the time of delivery, the package can be collected at your local storage center. If you are outside of Denmark, you can collect the package at any collaborating postal service storage center in your country. When purchasing a Rolf & Lazarus product, you will be asked to provide your home address. Upon delivery to another address than your home address, this needs to be indicated in the “delivery address” at the end of the order process.

Delivery time. Rolf & Lazarus aim to deliver the products to our customers as fast as possible. The item will be shipped within 2 business days of registration of the order. Deliveries to Denmark have an expected delivery time of 3-5 business days after the order is accepted.  Deliveries within EU have an expected delivery time of 6-8 working days after the order is accepted. International orders will be delivered within 12-14 working days after the order is accepted.

Payment. Rolf & Lazarus accept payments by the following cards. Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Credit Card, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and Diners. The amount will be deducted from the card when your order leaves our warehouse and is handed over to the delivery company. There may be problems with our website causing the payment to not go through. If this happens, reload the website and wait a few minutes before you try again. If this does not work, please contact our customer service. 

Return and exchange policy. Customers can return the product within 14 days (2 weeks) after delivery, provided that the product is undamaged and unused. The product is counted as unused if it has only been used to try it on. If the product has been used to such an extent that the product has lost value, the customer will lose the right to a cash return. All return items will be checked for wear and tear. With approval of the returned product, your refund will be credited to the same card used to make the original purchase. 

When returning a product, the shipment is paid by Rolf & Lazarus. Upon return, sign it with your name and address. Rolf & Lazarus are unable to compensate for returned packages lost in transit. The refund will be credited to the customer's card within 14 working days after Rolf & Lazarus receive the goods. We’ll send you an email when our team has processed your refund so you know the money is on the way!

Return address:

Rolf & Lazarus ApS

Boulevarden 10, st. th.

2800 Lyngby


Prices. All prices include VAT (25%) and are shown in DKK. Local VAT rules may apply depending on which region or country the payment is made from.

1.      From one EU country to another EU country there is usually no tax or customs charges, since all EU countries are exempt from these charges because of freedom of movement of goods within the EU.

2.      To a country outside the EU, goods can be detained in customs and custom fees incurred. Rolf & Lazarus is not responsible for the taxes, duty charges and custom fees. 

3.      When a registered company orders from an EU country, no VAT is charged if the company indicates its VAT number.

Price Changes. Rolf & Lazarus reserve the right to change the price of products sold by Rolf & Lazarus. Prices can be adjusted as a result of currency fluctuations or changes beyond our control.

Delivery costs. Rolf & Lazarus reserve the right to charge a fee for the cost of the freight of the products to the customer. 

Discounts and promotions. Current offers on this website do not apply to previous purchases and can’t be combined with other special offers / promotions / discounts.



Personal Data Policy.

Rolf & Lazarus registers and stores data concerning your order such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, in order to be able to deliver the products to you. All personal data is treated confidentially and is not disclosed to third parties. 

Personal data is registered by Rolf & Lazarus ApS, and is stored for 5 years before being deleted, in according to Danish accounting rules. The systems manger for is Charlotte Koefoed, Partner, Rolf & Lazarus ApS. 

When your personal data has been registered by Rolf & Lazarus ApS, you have the right to inspect the personal data we hold. You also have the right to object to the registration. You have these rights under the Danish Data Protection Act, and any queries in this respect should be addressed to


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Why do we use cookies? Cookies are necessary for the website to work optimally. We use cookies to track your visit to, so we can constantly adapt the website to your needs and interests as a customer and enhance ease of use. This is not possible without cookies.

How to refuse or delete a cookie? You can always refuse a cookie on your computer by changing your browser settings. How you do this depends on which browser you use. You can also delete cookies that you have accepted. This is usually done by using the CTRL + SHIFT + Delete.

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100% made in Italy Certificate. All our collars and leashes are handcraft in Italy and have received the certificate “100% made in Italy” by the Institute for Protection of Quality and Origin of the Italian Products (ITPI). The certificate is the only one guaranteeing the authenticity of the Italian product quality, and is recognized worldwide for the superior quality and meticulous attention to every single detail in the products. The certificate can only be issued by sampling of finished products. The test checks whether the products are exclusively made in Italy, made from natural materials of high quality, performed by Italian handcraft techniques etc.

General information. Our products are being hand made in Italy, and therefore, small varieties in the products may occur. All our leather products have been given a water-resistant treatment, which means that the products are water repellent. However, care must be taken by direct contact with lake and sea water. 

Full grain leather / aniline leather. Full grain leather is leather that is treated to remove natural irregularities or marks, and may therefore be different from product to product. This type of leather is very strong and durable. Since the grains are so tight, it resists moisture after prolonged use and gives a feeling of exclusivity and quality. Since the leather is a natural product, it is expected that it will change color and texture over time, and develop a beautiful dark patina when it is affected by sunlight.

Wipe the leather regularly with a clean, dry cloth. Never use chemicals, detergent, cleaning or oil on the leather. Full-grain leather must be treated with care, as it is a delicate leather type, which easily absorbs liquids. Stains should only be removed if absolutely necessary, as the leather is easily damaged by attempts at cleaning the leather. Stains can be removed using a dry cloth to absorb the liquii.

Split leather / Suede. Suede is made when the leather is split, and the top grain is taken away, leaving only the fuzzy underside on both sides. The surface is covered by an artificial layer, which is embossed with a leather grain (bicast leather).

 Suede is leather that has the wrong side facing out, and which is brushed up, so it is a bit like velvet. Suede is a relatively delicate material, and because it has open pores, it absorbs water and dirt easily. It is recommended to use a water resistant treatment on the product right away, and to treat the repeat the treatment regularly.

 Stains should not be treated with chemicals, detergent or old. If you get a stain on the product, use steam and brush it away. Pour boiling water in a bowl, hold the stain into the steam and brush gently with a suede brush. If that doesn’t work, try a suede shampoo or send the product to a dry cleaner.

Gold plated solid brass. Gold layer fades and tarnishes over time. To decrease the chances of wearing out, here are easy ways on keeping your gold plated parts nice and shiny. Do not spray on perfume or other sprays directly on the gold finish. After use, clean your gold parts with cotton or a very soft cloth to remove any dust and dirt.